We're on iTunes!

Today, as I was loading up my ipod with The Sound of Young America: The College Years, I typed "stagedirections" into the iTunes search bar, and found... Our Podcast! That's right, everybody, we have joined the likes of Ira Glass, Doug Benson and the Wood Whisperer. We've got two up now, and I believe a third will be added next week.
Thanks to Chris, who has worked tirelessly on this whole endeavor. He's out of town this weekend, but when he gets back, the dude will have a plenitude of drinks bought for him.

As a sneak peek of an upcoming segment, I recently talked with Bruce Coleman at Theatre Three about the possibility of our covering his upcoming puppet show, Tales From Mount Olympus, in a longer format, from its development to auditions to rehearsal and production to opening night. Look for further information on this probably after the Artes de la Rosa EXTRAVAGANZA that's coming up soon.