I just got home from the first night of New Works/New Voices and we had a grand time around Dallas. Checked out The Amsterdam Bar for pre-show tipple and also made a stop by pizza Lounge for their "No Smoochies" pie. Anytime I see whole cloves of garlic on a pizza...well it was gone in about five minutes (we were also cutting it close but it was pretty fantastic). 

The three shorts we saw tonight were by Dallas playwright Vicky Caroline Cheatwood and the audience response was pretty interesting. Three different shows with different casts and directors, an interesting combination to be sure. Look for video and a podcast from tonight soon.

Tomorrow Dan and I will be going down to talk with Kevin Kautzman and we will bring you that conversation as well as some of the reading. 

I'm graduating (again...) on Saturday so we won't be making the trek down for what promises to be an engaging time with EVERYMAN but we will hopefully make it back down before the festival is over depending on what schedules and the stars have to say about it (blinky balls of gas...not actors). 

Hope to see you down there tomorrow and come introduce yourself if we don't know you.