Upcoming Interviews

Next week Dan and I are going to be busy interviewing two groups that are making art in different ways in the North Texas Area. On Tuesday we will be interviewing the creative minds behind Nouveau 47 Theatre to talk to them about their theatre model that revolves around new plays. On Wednesday, we will be talking with Artistic Director Brad McEntire of Audacity Theatre Lab about the new mission statement that ATL has come out with this summer. Next Saturday night, we will be going to the Theatre Warming Party at the Magnolia Lounge for Nouveau 47 and we will be bringing you a video from that as well. Jam packed week.

Many of the groups that we have highlighted so far have been in the throes of creating new work, something that is a risk and a pleasure at the same time for small companies, and both of the interviews this week are focused on groups that exclusively create new work. One of the interesting things from the ATL mission statement is about the difference between interpreters and creators. Interpreters take previously created work and interpret it in their own unique way. Creators work from the ground up to forge new work from the various "creatives" that are working on a given project. We are focused on bringing you the creators’ stories and motivations, although from time to time the work of an interpreter will find its way here. The motivation behind this is not that there is an intrinsically better art form, but that new work (by definition) is just that, new.

If you have questions for either of these groups, please let us know and we will do our best to ask them. Also, please feel free to comment on any of the work that you see on this site, we would love to have a civil dialogue about the artists/art that we feature.