The Most: Makeups & Breakups

A couple of weeks ago, the folks down at Nouveau 47 asked us to come down and check out their Valentine's Day event, The Most: Makeups & Breakups. I have always been a huge fan of Selected Shorts and This American Life and I had heard a great deal about The Moth (a storytelling event based in NYC), so there really wasn't a question of whether we would head down to The Magnolia Lounge to capture the event. 

I went down on Sunday for the rehearsal and had an opportunity to chat with some of the storytellers; I've included the interviews I have before the stories are told in the live event. 

What you have here is the first part of a two part installment of the event. You'll notice that there are breakup letters being read as well, I'm sure you will enjoy them.

Without further ado...

The Most: Makeups and Breakups Podcast


I'm headed up to Denton tonight to support the Sundown Collaborative Theatre crew in their fundraiser, if you haven't checked out the promo videos, you really should. Chris Worthington and Travis Steubing have done a great job creating an aesthetic for the event, hopefully it pans out into an evening of adult humor. Or adult something...

There are four more videos, check them out.