Podcast with Brad McEntire about his show CHOP.

This Thursday we continue our series on the work of Brad McEntire with an interview that Dan and I did with Brad at Cafe Brazil right after he got back from New York and before he headed out to the NOLA Fringe. If you have been following the series, you have seen what his experiences at the festival were like; this interview give you a chance to see what was going on before he left. Goals and desires, expectations and barbecue; this interview gives you a taste of things to come (or rather that have already been and gone, but still).

In other news, Brad had a couple of play readings this week at Nouveau 47 as part of their Theatre Appresh Monday night sessions. It sounds like it was a great time, finals kept me from attending. We are heading into the holiday season so look for one more installment in the McEntire saga and maybe we will have something special for you in the new year. You will just have to look.


14 November 2010, Cafe Brazil, Richardson, TX.