Podcast of the "Being Harold Pinter" Reading in DFW

This morning when I went to get all the video and audio downloaded onto the computer I made a sad discovery. The video files were corrupted somehow and so all we have is audio. Don't despair, however, because the audio was more than what I needed to put together this great snapshot of the evening and we also have some images from before the reading so here it is.


Dan and I drove over from Uptown Dallas to Irving in the thick of rush hour traffic to get to the hidden away venue that is ICT's Rudy Seppy Rehearsal studio. We heard from Scott Nixon, a board member there, that the space was an old Conestoga wagon factory, it's a really unique space to say the least. There is a big opening over the floor of the space where the tops of the wagons could be worked on, it really reminded me of the kind of space you might see in Edinburgh during the Fringe.

When we got there, the actors were already there doing a read through before the staged reading. It was gratifying to see so many actors (14!) from around the Metroplex gathered in one space for the cause of Belarus Free Theatre. 

Dan and I got our gear set up (even though the images were lost in the end...have to figure that one out) and as eight o'clock rolled around the audience trickled in and we began our reading.


Thanks again to everyone who attended and participated!

A big thanks to Bill Fountain for getting the actors together and directing the reading. The list of people who read is below this and if any of you have a reaction to the reading either as a participant or an audience member, please feel free to respond in the comments section. 


(I hope this is everyone)

Josh Glover
Brad McEntire
Whitney Holotick
Zach Kinon
Rhonda Durant
Shane Hurst
Audra Howard
Dan Schmoker
Alex Wade
Alexis Nabors
Melody Jones
Brad Smith
Chris Sykes
Liz Woodcock
Andi Allen
Hank Henry