National Performance Network Interviews

Big week this week. Dan and I made our way down to The Majestic Theatre in Downtown Dallas on Friday night to meet up with Brad McEntire who was joining us for the National Performance Network's 25th Anniversary Conference. Friday night there were three performers/groups at The Majestic: Pomo Afros Homos, Elia Arce and the Pat Graney Company. Each of these performers presented a recreated work from the past twenty years as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of NPN. 
 MK WegmannQ-Roc Ragsdale

Brian Freeman

Vicki Meek

Saya Woolfalk

On Saturday, Dan and I returned to the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas for the conference where Stanlyn Brevé, the Director of National Programs for NPN, connected us with MK Wegmann, CEO and President of NPN, Q-Roc Ragsdale, Dallas Performance Artist/Filmmaker, Brian Freeman, Founding Member of Pomos Afros Homos and Vicki Meek, Manager of the South Dallas Cultural Center and Host of the NPN Conference. 

Dan and I then found our way up to the fourth floor of the hotel where visual artists were exhibiting their work in hotel rooms. Saya Woolfalk was kind enough to talk to us about her work and we also have a video of her work. 

This was a unique opportunity for us to see some work that we wouldn't normally see in the DFW area and a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the people that make life as an artist (and a performance artist) possible. 

Please check out the artists and organizations that are represented in this post. They are all working hard to have their work seen and facilitate the creation of new work.