Moving Day

This week my wife and I are moving to Plano, but fear not, there will still be an interview for your viewing and listening pleasure. This week I went down to Collin College in Plano while Dan was at work to interview Robin Armstrong, the director of Circle Theatre's "Bright Ideas." I had a little bit of GPS anxiety because, while I have lived in Denton for around four years, I have made few forays into Plano and had never been to CC before. Somehow I ended up driving thirty minutes out of the way before realizing that "Maybe GPS is sending me in the opposite direction?" Sigh. Robin was kind enough to hang out until I was able to make it over there, but in my haste to not make her wait too long, I didn't take any pictures.

"What?" (that's your line)

"Fear not! Our brave and noble Dan has come through with some images of the puppets in process at Theatre 3for their show (playing in Theatre Too)."

"Super!" (that's your line)

"Yes it is. If you remember, Dan did an interview with the designer and director of "Tales from Mount Olympus" Bruce R. Coleman. You should really check it out and take a gander at these pictures. They also have a swell video of stills from the production, it looks exciting and is child friendly."

"What? child friendly theatre that looks amazing?" (that's your line)

"Your ears do not deceive you, check it out!"