Little change

Because of a change in the schedule of the Coleman piece that we are working on (a longer form covering the production), we will be bringing you an interview with Kathleen Culebro and Rebecca Allard of Amphibian Stage Productions a week early. Lucky you. We were hosted by Kathleen at her home near the cultural district in Ft. Worth last week and had a delightful conversation about a company that has made great inroads into the theatre community through their dedication to high quality scripts and high production values. I know you will enjoy the conversation and put Amphibian Stage Productions on your theatre viewing schedule (if you haven't already).

I attended their staged reading of "Three Hotels" by Jon Robin Baitz last night and enjoyed the reading very much. I have to admit, I was surprised by how well attended the reading was (nearly a full house in the auditorium) and it was a pleasure to see how the audience reacted to such a challenging piece of theatre. Hosted by The Modern in Ft. Worth, the reading series is a way for the Phibs to have a continued presence in the community outside of their regular mainstage series. What a setting for a staged reading! Surrounded by the the concrete and glass before the reading and then swaddled in the beautiful auditorium for the reading itself, the audience was prepared for the work that it was about to see and put into a mindframe that allowed for openness to the work being presented. If you get a chance to check out a reading there, by all means do it.

Look for the interview and podcast on Thursday.