Interview with Rene Moreno, Steve Young and Elias Taylorson of BGPT's "The Creditors."

This next couple of weeks are going to be pretty busy for us here at Stage Directions Blog. Dan and I have been interviewing and documenting like mad and here are the first fruits of that labor. On last Saturday afternoon, we drove down to the BGPT space in the shadow of the Dallas Observer building to see what was brewing. Not only has the space been significantly retrofitted since we last visited in the Fall, there was a palpable energy surrounding the group working to get the final touches on the lights (which you will notice in the video, be forewarned) and I could just hear the last bits of the final dress through the painted over windows.

What they have done in this space is nothing short of amazing. The slightly creepy vibe that we got the last time we were in the space (days after BGPT had taken up residency) was gone and in it's place was a pristine and austere 19th century drawing room. Dan commented more than once on the furnishings of the set and I have to say I agree. The trappings of theatre are richly represented in this space and with the audience so close, the impeccable costumes cannot be missed.

We sat down with Director Rene Moreno, Playwright Steven Young and Co-Artistic Director/Actor Elias Taylorson to talk about the production and where BGPT is taking its audience over the rest of their season. You can order your tickets here

The show runs throuh 3 March so you have plenty of time to catch it. There are already reviews out about the show and they have been raving about the production so check it out if you get a chance.

12 Feb 2011, Dallas, TX