Images from Sundown Collaborative Theater's DEATHWATCH

On Friday night, Dan and I went to J&J's Pizza in Denton for the Sundown Collaborative Theater production of Jean Genet's Deathwatch. Here are some images from the night. Look for the interview this week. 

Because I live in Denton, I went down to the square early before Dan made it into town and got some coffee at this place just off the square called The Hydrant (which is where Sundown has done a few shows, incidentally). In spite of the overtly religious music, this place has some of the better coffee in town, but because of the music it is not an ideal place for studying. That and they are only open until 10 during the week, which in a college town is not a great thing. Traffic wasn't bad, so Dan made it up by around 7 and we headed to the venue.

J&J's Pizza is a Denton institution. After the demise of the infamous Tomato on Fry street, J&J's became one of the few local and unique pizza joints in town. They still sell Schlitz in the can and have a number of nice beers on tap (this was the first place that Dan and I tried Franconia and discovered the...power that one glass can have). They have music in the basement on a regular basis and another Denton blog, focused on music, has filmed quite a few shows in the slightly creepy basement. We ordered up a medium with everything and went down to purchase our tickets. First thing, going downstairs can be a little precarious so be careful, especially if Franconia has factored into your evening thus far. 

After buying our tickets, we came back upstairs and read through the program to get ready for the show we were about to see. Dan was convinced it was about a killer watch, but I guess if you want to find out, you will just have to go see the show. 

Following are some images from the theatre space. I tried to capture as much natural lighting as possible and the space fit the production concept very well, although the constant walking overhead by patrons of J&J's during the show was rather distracting. Dress for a hot space, the air doesn't circulate very well in the space and it gets hot. 

The show ran about 70 minutes without and intermission and the pizza is good. There are also a number of music venues and bars in the immediate area, so if you get a chance to come up to Denton for an evening, you can certainly make a night out of it. 

Until next time.