Images from Broken Gears Project Theatre Interview

On Monday night, Dan and I went down to the new space that Broken Gears Project Theatre is working out of for their next two productions. Look for the interview on Thursday. 


I suppose this could be the unofficial beginning of our Halloweekend Scare-a-thon Spooktacular. 

It's that time of year when companies produce seasonally-appropriate fare, and that means something with a bit of creepiness ( or a bit of a Celtic Harvest Festival flair, but those plays are a bit trickier to find.)

Halloween and Theatre share a rich tradition, after all. Some say that William Shakespeare was the world's first Wolf-Man. He would sneak around London on the night of the full moon, picking off the sick and the old and tearing asunder the flesh of the peasantry. He also wrote plays containing ghosts and people in disguise.

Chikamatsu Monzaemon, of course, is famous not only for writing the most complex and beautiful Bunraku plays, but also for the invention of the plastic bucket shaped like a jack-o-lantern.

With that in mind, we encourage all of our listeners/viewers/readers to go out and find a theatrical event that will send a little shiver up your spine. 

Level Ground is producing Carnival Of Souls; Purgatorium. The folks at Broken Gears are working on a show called Pitchfork Disney in a real former house for the mentally ill. Our friends at the Sundown Collaborative Theatre will be showing something called Deathwatch, which, before Chris told me was about a prison, I had presumed was about a spooky watch that tells you the time....That You'll Die!!! Theatre Too! will be showing Bruce Coleman's Tales From Mount Olympus. After all, it was Hercules who first put a sheet with eye-holes over his head and pretended to be a ghost.