Holiday Special

Sophie's Choice: Jumbies Fort Worth

20 November 2010. Fort Worth Modern.

You get this one early! You know I'm not going to be working on Thanksgiving, so here it is, the video and some images from this weekend. This week we are presenting a special post that is only available in the video format, mainly because it is mostly music. This past Saturday, my almost two year old daughter Sophie and I went out to The Modern in Fort Worth to catch a performance of Jumbies Fort Worth presented by Amphibian Stage Productions.

Before heading in, I decided to shoot a little intro video to a hopefully semi-regular segment we are calling Sophie's Choice. Maybe unfortunate name, but it was just perfect for some reason. Our hope is to present some options for parents of young children for theatrical experiences that will push the boundaries of what they may have been exposed to and expand their little minds. 

Sophie enjoyed running through the Richard Serra sculpture on the way into the museum.

Once we got inside, there were a couple of minutes before the program began so we found a good spot and got to know the friendly "grandma" types standing around. There were so many people there with their kids I was glad that we decided to make our way out there.The Jumbies were amazing and Sophie was captivated by the music and the colorful costumes and movement. The program lasted around half an hour which was about right for her. They also included some audience participation and information about the West African cultures that were represented in the program.

We have some really exciting things coming up over the next month so keep your eyes peeled...