Crawling out of the Deep Freeze

DFW is still in the grips of this kaiju storm that keeps hitting us and many of our friends have had to postpone openings of shows. We've got at least one interview this weekend with local actor, director, playwright, comedien and educator Steven Young who is working with a number of local companies and is the Assistant Professor of Acting at Texas Woman's University. We are also working on a couple of projects that are further ahead in the future so keep looking for those things and some surprises. 

Check out Theater Jones for postponed show openings, they have the time and resources to list that kind of stuff. 

In the meantime, our friends at Nouveau 47 have a couple of things coming up with their next installment in the Theatre Appresh series on Monday AND Measure For Measure opening on 16 February. Hopefully we can bring you something from them as well in the coming weeks. 

BGPT is another group we are working on getting together with, they have built up their space and have some pretty exciting things coming down the pike.

Stay warm and if you are bored, look through our archive of posts! (like you don't do that anyway)



UPDATE! Guest Contributor Brad McEntire has an interview he did with John Rawley of The Alternative Comedy Theatre. Brad, John and Jeff Sweringen are doing a new format of improv on Saturday night at Cafe Bohemia in Plano called "Monologue Jam." Check this out if you are in the area and had tickets to something that got pushed back due to weather. No missed rehearsals here, I'd wager.