NO Fringe Interviews

This week we are bringing you a set of interviews that Brad did at the NO Fringe Festival in November. You may be wondering why we keep bringing you these kind of interviews and I think there is a simple answer. Wherever artists come together to share their work, that is where the interesting things are happening and hopefully we can capture some of that. Brad was a great help in this because he was going to the festival already and so here we have a record of what went on. Some of the interveiws have noisy backgrounds but they are really interesting (and there is even a Dallas native in one of them, let me know if you spot her) and worth listening/watching.

We have one more set of interviews from the NO Fringe that I will post tomorrow and then on to the New Year. There may be some changes in the coming month or so but we will keep you all abreast of that.

Also, a lot of Best of 2010 lists are coming out and you will see a lot of familiar faces from our blog in them. Including Robin Armstrong, Upstart Productions, Sundown Collaborative Theatre and members of Nouveau 47 (as White Rock Pollution) among others. Check out our archives if you want to see what these artists were talking about when they were in the act.



Podcast with Kristen Evans, Faye Lane and Emma Jaster