I’m starting to get into a new normal, at least as much as I can. A friend had a room open in his place and so I’m staying with him until I move into my own place at the beginning of August.

Monday we had the first run of the Summer Series, I think this is the third year that we’ve put this on. There were around 200 people that showed up to run around the Southridge neighborhood and then hanging out after for the pools and food. It was nice to see so many people, a lot of new faces and people who only come out and run with us during the summer.

Yesterday, I got to spend some time with my kids. This has been the hardest part of this whole process but I hope that they will benefit in the long run. We played at the park, checked out a new shop on the square (avoid the lego place), had lunch, checked out Summit, ice cream and then the Courthouse Museum. They had a good time and it was good to see them enjoying themselves through all of this.

Social run last night as a crossing guard we always stop runners, not vehicles. As usual, there are always a couple that ignore the big group waiting at the cross walk for the signal and take off on their own. Drives me crazy and I cussed them out pretty loudly in front of the polite runners waiting for the signal. If you can’t figure out how to run in a large group, don’t.

I’m going climbing here in a bit with another teacher/runner and then to the chiro for a work over on my back. It has been tweaky, sleeping on a cot probably isn’t helping the situation, and I need to get things un-tweaked.