Crane Wife


My friend Bess shared this essay and I wanted to leave it here too. You should read it.

I’ve been having a pretty rough week emotionally. My kids have been out of town on vacation to the beach so we haven’t been able to coordinate our usual daily phone calls with grandparents and swimming. I didn’t know what to expect with this sort of arrangement, I don’t think anyone really does, and it’s been a drag on my overall sense of making progress.

I was actually productive today, I got utilities and Wi-Fi lined up for the new place and started reading on the play that we are going to do instead of the play I didn’t have the emotional energy to write this summer. It could be a combination of missing my kids and the concrete steps towards moving into a new phase of life or something in the air but after making those arrangements things went a little sideways. Riding out the turbulence requires an emotional reserve I don’t really have at my fingertips, things like the essay above help me to keep perspective.

I’m going to climb in a bit and then run/volunteer for the social run and be around a bunch of people this evening, something that I am trying to be good about. I’ve been isolating the past couple of days and I know that it isn’t really healthy for me for too long.

Our remounting of Johnson Branch Trail Race is this weekend, I’ll probably be working on that for the next few days and then next week is moving week.