Follow up from yesterday. All day in service and the headed to DSC for some bodywork. Maggie needled, scraped and adjusted and now I’m cooling off in the Normatech recovery boots before heading home to get ready to jump back into the schedule that has me packed until Spring Break.

Today during PD we talked about the “it” that teachers have as they go through the daily practice of teaching and it made me think about my philosophy of teaching and, honestly creating. I want my students to be able to respond to the world with the tools in their creative toolbox in whatever way they think is appropriate, to know that their voice is valid and heard and valued. I have to keep thinking about that as I head back tomorrow and keep reminding my students that we are on the same team, of behavior is good then I’m just facilitating the learning process rather than “teaching.”

Kristi posing in her new design.

Kristi posing in her new design.

My wife has an apparel design company and here is her latest design. I’m not going to shill too much for her but check out her company and see if there is something that strikes your fancy!

Keen Bee Studio