Update: only ran 16.3 so I had time to go home and deal with my angry IT band and right hamstring. Time to get in and see Denton Sports Chiropractic! I’ve been running on a tight hammy since October and haven’t rolled, scraped or stretched enough.

Up this morning at 5 for a run at 7:30, gonna go for 37km rather that 37 miles. I’ve got a 100km race at the end of the month that I’m preparing for and spent most of this winter break stacking longer runs. Tuesday a group of 15 set out for 20.19 miles to celebrate New Year’s Day and today will be another 20+ mile day to round things out.

Yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated by reading all day and making a cake while I took care of the kids and my wife was working from home. My son convinced me to play with him on the Nintendo Switch that we bought the kids for Christmas this year. He created a profile for me, even though I never play, and had already played through most of the game before he asked for help. I also took him for a haircut and we spent most of the day hanging out.