Ups and Downs

Sunday last didn’t quite go as planned. I have a pattern at Germanfest where I go out too hard and then the sun and the heat beat me down, or wind and cold, and end up right around 1:31 something. The hills and trail run on Saturday didn’t really help any because I was burning myself out on the hills Saturday and was totally cooked on Sunday. I usually run with Anyah, or at least in proximity for some of the race, and we spent up till about mile 5 together and mile 6 in spitting distance. After mile six water stop, I knew I was cooked and just had to hold it together as much as I could until the end. I pushed hard and felt that woozy dehydrated feeling, like if I had kept at that effort level I would be in danger of a DNF so I backed off and came in at 1:36 something. Not what I wanted but I didn’t set myself up for success with Saturday.

I also didn’t put sunblock on my face and head so I got to deal with that for a couple of days while my forehead and face healed up.

After the beautiful weather on the weekend, we had four straight days of severe weather and even made it into the national news because one of our neighborhoods in Denton was hit by a tornado. We usually get a few hours in the bathroom waiting out storms while the sirens go per season and this is not an exception. What is new is that now we have two large dogs and two larger children to pack into the tiny bathroom that isn’t on a wall.

On Tuesday, I was in a recertification class for CPR and I knew the storms were blowing in. Made it home just in time to eat and get in the bathroom. Wednesday was darker and more ominous but I made it out and ran with Terry and Becca before the social run would have happened.

Saturday I headed out to Eagle Mountain Park again for some trail miles, ended up running with a much larger group than anticipated and packed in a half marathon on the trails. They were a little more wet than I’ve seen them and it will take some dry weather to move things in a positive direction. Sadly, we have more wet and stormy weather in the forecast and it doesn’t look like that will be changing soon.

Today, Sunday, I went for a 4-miler with the club and then came home to get the kids out on a bike ride to the park down the street. Kristi bought a bike as well so we all headed down. It was nice to get on the bike again after it being up on the trainer for most of the winter, I’ll probably try to work in more cross training with the bike as the weather improves. I also went up to Summit Climbing Gym with some friends and got on the bouldering wall for the first time. It was definitely something I’ll do again and as the summer gets here, will probably spend a good amount of time climbing and hopefully get the kids into it as well.

So far, just some figuring out what all the holds on the wall mean and how not to die!

Spiderweb is working on a new show and one of the things we did was take this creative types quiz that helped each of us discover where our creative focus is. It was a really beautifully built quiz and I showed up as an Adventurer for my creative type.