Spring Break

This week the kids and I have been off of school and work for spring break while Kristi has been working from the home office for her job that does not have a spring break. Over the weekend, I did some running in beautiful weather on Saturday and shitty weather on Sunday and I came to the realization that…I don’t like running in the cold. I really need to have a better backup plan than just freezing my ass off (read fingers) but the one type of treadmill I would be interested in owning again is $5000-$6000 and there aren’t any gyms in my area that have one.

My in-laws met Kristi in Terrell on Saturday so the kids could spend a few days with their grandparents for the beginning of spring break, and so that we could have a break from being “on” constantly. We went over to Armadillo Ale and had some beverages and then proceeded to eat pizza for three nights in a row.

I’ve been playing at entertaining the kids since I picked them up on Tuesday afternoon and we’ve been getting up to some mischief. Wednesday we went to LSA downtown and followed that up with a trip to the candy store and then the park. Go SAHD week. Yesterday we mowed the lawn/picked up after the dogs, went grocery shopping and did laundry and all that fun stuff and ended the day at a workshop put on by my buddy Matty Sallack at the GDAC. He’s been making custom plushies for a couple of years from his own art and this was an opportunity for the community to come and make them too. The kids had a great time making a UFO and a No-Face plushie and getting out enjoying the community. I had the chance to make a connection with a fellow theatre teacher from a private school not far from my house and I’ll probably end up sharing resources with her since it sounds like she didn’t really have a lot to draw on.

We also made some sourdough yesterday…cue the bread porn.

After I dropped the kids off at home, I went over to wish Conor a happy birthday and hang out with the Spidercrew for a bit. I have missed being as involved as I was in that group the past few years, after crashing pretty hard from #PLEASED last summer, I think I’m finally in a headspace where that is a possibility. It is always a challenge to balance work/health/family/art and I’m going to work harder on making that happen.

This afternoon, I’m headed up for a meeting about a potential race in June and then out to the TADRA Point at the LBJ Grasslands north of Decatur. I’ve been a volunteer at this race for a number of years and while I don’t run this particular race due to the close proximity of horses to the trail, I’ve enjoyed being a part of that community. This time, I’m working the race so I’ll stay overnight tonight out at the start/finish so that I don’t have to leave my house at 3:30 in the morning to get to the site on time for setup. Brant is running his first 50 mile tomorrow and I’m happy to be out there to support him. There is something about pushing limits that is intriguing and watching people push theirs is equally interesting to me. I’ll be out pulling timing chips all day and probably subbing in at the DARC aid station at the start finish as needed. It’ll be a busy day and a nice way to end the spring break week before we head into the mad dash that is the end of the school year.