It Almost Wasn't

Talk about a roller coaster morning. A few months ago, I had planned to go up to Montana to visit my brother, run a race and get out of the Texas heat and flat for a little while. The rental car was cancelled when things went down but the rest of the trip was still in place. I looked at rentals this morning and holy fuck. There was almost nothing available and it would have been between $100 a day and $500 a day to rent something locally. I was pretty overwhelmed and talked to my dad who reminded me that I have family in Bozeman and I just needed to ask for help. So…I did. And things are going to work out and my cousin Andrew and I will have a chance to catch up after growing up close at least through middle school.

Spent the last couple of days with the kiddos. We went to the waterpark on Monday, swimming with friends on Monday and no sunburns (at least on the kids). Yesterday, Sam and I went to Golden Boy without Sophie since she had a rough evening on Monday night. Sam really enjoyed sitting in the yellow chairs and eating one of Storie’s lemon beehive cakes. We had just about wrapped up when Sophie called and asked me to come get her since she was feeling better. We grabbed her and then we saw a movie and just kind of tried to take it easy after entertaining all day Monday.

I went climbing after I dropped the kids off and I can really start to see some improvement in my skills. My hands are starting to get torn up a bit but I think that is just part of the process. After that, went to the hill workout and ground out a tough workout before the race on Saturday. Matt’s mom made him a lasagna so I actually ate some real food for once.

This trip to Montana should be pretty great. Geoff is playing a show on Saturday evening in a town we used to live in for a year or two when I was really young and my uncles are coming to hang out on Sunday, I think. Mountains and family might be what I need this weekend. Enough landmines around here to trigger emotional tsunamis and I’m sure some up there too. My cousin was asking about where the mind goes during long races and we both agreed it was more like Zen than anything. So I’m going to the mountains to Zen out for a couple of days.