A fool, at leaSt, knows when to say when

Last week was pretty fucking rough on the running front. I had some really obnoxious tendinitis that flared up in my feet after a long road run on Sunday and spent most of the week working out in the garage rather than running. I did one speed workout while Sophie was at swimming and the rest was on my bike and kettlebells. After some poking around, literally and figuratively, it looks like some peroneal tendinitis that radiated from my shin down to the lateral side of my left foot and required some deep trigger point and scraping to get things sorted.

Last week at work was an uphill slog through some departmental stuff that has been festering while I’ve been trapped in lunch duty every day during my department planning period. Hopefully things will be dealt with in a sensitive and timely manner since there are some egos involved and territorial disputes.

We planned on camping last weekend but the gorgeous weather turned nasty Friday afternoon and we realized that camping in near freezing temperatures with rain and strong winds wasn’t something we wanted to put ourselves, the kids and the dogs through. Instead, we worked on the bathroom remodel. Not quite camping but if needed to be done.