Upcoming Auditions!

Denton Performance Lab is excited to announce auditions for TONIC by Matthew Schipper, Saturday, 4 May from 1-6pm in the TWU Rehearsal Hall. Roles for three (3) men and one (1) woman. This staged reading will be a part of the Denton Community Theatre Second Annual METHOD AND MADNESS NEW PLAY FESTIVAL.

No appointment necessary but please RSVP if you plan on coming and need a specific time.

Performance will take place on May 30 at the Point Bank Black Box in downtown Denton.


TONIC pulls the loftiest of human ideals and conundrums down to the level of the twenty-something plebeian. The characters explore the effects of dogma, artistic passion, and predisposition on day-to-day modern life while hunkered in a dive bar, nosing hungrily in a slippery and uncertain conversational slop trough.

IMMANUEL: Blocked writer searching for a muse.

MAE: His significant other. Neglected by both Immanuel and the muse.

PETER: MAE’s friend from High School. Falling in love with his new boyfriend.

SID: PETER’s new boyfriend. College student.

DPL is also looking for interested actors to devise a new piece this summer, performances in late July. Come be a part of this unique experience!

Actors 17+ may apply to participate!

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