Spring Break

35 Denton

This past weekend was 35 Denton around here and things were pretty packed. I live in the neighborhood across from UNT so we are far enough away that we didn't get a lot of traffic but when headed downtown, blocked off streets and extra folks made for an interesting trek. Saturday, I went to a panel discussion hosted by Kevin Roden, the young city councilman who is connected with all of the creatives acting as movers and shakers in the community. What I found interesting is that the discussion focused almost solely on the connection between music, UNT and the creatives who are able to make a living doing what they do. The comment was made that cities like Richardson, Plano and Frisco do better on paper when it comes to the creative class because there are more opportunities for people working as scientists, programmers and the like in those areas and in Denton, creatives are more apt to be doing their creating at night rather than paying the bills with them. 

Theatre and performance other than music didn't really factor into the discussion but i talked with the Spiderweb Salon folks for a while after the panel and solved all of the problems of the world. So it goes. I guess the challenge that faces groups that are more rooted to one spot is that, no matter how wonderful the universities are for Denton, when summer rolls around finding an audience is really difficult! So, we are committing to working with the community and educational communities to bringing some much needed reciprocity into the mix!

Opportunities for you:

We are working with Denton Community Theatre's Method and Madness play festival at the end of may and will be directing one of the winning scripts for a staged reading. If you are interested in participating, head over to the contact page and let us know. We are also working on some more guerrilla style theatre projects in the near future and we are looking for actors/performers that would be interested in participating there as well. Please let us know if you are interested!