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Hey guys! It is almost that time of year again. We have a script for a unique puppet show (not for kids) and the kernel for a companion piece. We are specifically looking for local actors/creative folks to work with us on these projects and also for any local musicians who might be interested in collaborating on the score or songs for these pieces. Previous experience isn't necessary but if you've got it, come share it. Potentially rehearsing/creating in July with an event at the beginning of August. Share as you will!

Press Release

Denton Performance Lab presents THE TISSUE ISSUE: A MUSICAL SATIRE July 26,27 and 28th in Denton. Performances take place at Banter July 26 at 10pm, Greenspace Arts Collective July 27 at 8pm, and Abbey Underground July 28 at 8:30pm. All performances are pay what you can. All venues serve a wide array of drinks and food.

A catastrophic event has cause the bacteria in the human body to revolt and cause strange, disfiguring manifestations in some people. Is it a sign from God? Is it evolution run amuck? Is it simply an inconvenience? Regardless, the government has decided to get involved and the consequences for the stricken/blessed are far reaching and life changing. This one act performance tells the story of the struggle for self-determination through puppets, dance and light hearted, original music.

Featuring: Averie Bell, Kristen Brasher, Logan Coley Broker, Erica Cole, Sam Cumings, Elizabeth Lambert, Taylor Reed and Christopher David Taylor.

Music by Taylor Reed, Stanton Brasher and Christopher David Taylor.

For more information, visit our website or our Facebook page Questions may be directed to Christopher David Taylor @

Poster for The Tissue Issue.

Poster for The Tissue Issue.