Bad Diary days

Shitty week has come to a close. Things always get dicey around this time of year because the new semester is ramping up and competition is around the corner. Students who had gotten into a routine of better behavior by the end of last semester are back out of it and sometimes I feel like the only adult in the hallway between classes (I’m in my own little corner).

Fall really felt like students were less cynical than since the Trumpster Fire, the past couple of weeks have felt different. Started off the semester with a sick family and some readjusted schedules so my running schedule is off and I’ve got Rocky 100K in a couple of weeks. I’m honestly in better shape than I was for Wild Hare and have put together more long miles leading up to the race.

This morning I woke up at 5 to get ready to run some with Ryan for his 50K replacement run. Sleet and some snow, high winds and feeling off from the week meant that instead of running I stayed home. I read Altered Carbon. I did a hard kettlebell and stationary bike workout and tomorrow is a new day.

Did watch the KEXP live Pedro the Lion video while I was working out, good stuff.


Follow up from yesterday. All day in service and the headed to DSC for some bodywork. Maggie needled, scraped and adjusted and now I’m cooling off in the Normatech recovery boots before heading home to get ready to jump back into the schedule that has me packed until Spring Break.

Today during PD we talked about the “it” that teachers have as they go through the daily practice of teaching and it made me think about my philosophy of teaching and, honestly creating. I want my students to be able to respond to the world with the tools in their creative toolbox in whatever way they think is appropriate, to know that their voice is valid and heard and valued. I have to keep thinking about that as I head back tomorrow and keep reminding my students that we are on the same team, of behavior is good then I’m just facilitating the learning process rather than “teaching.”

Kristi posing in her new design.

Kristi posing in her new design.

My wife has an apparel design company and here is her latest design. I’m not going to shill too much for her but check out her company and see if there is something that strikes your fancy!

Keen Bee Studio

Back to it

Today is the last day of Winter Break for me and I’m taking it easy because tomorrow I head back for a day of in-service. My daughter woke me up twice in the middle of the night with a stomachache and so my motivation to get up and move is pretty low. That coupled with my new sore leg! I’ve got an appointment tomorrow at DSC to get that sorted and spent some time with my favorite torture devices.

Part of every athletes life is recovery and injury prevention. My go to for IT and hamstrings are trigger point and scraping. The ball I just sit on and roll around, scraping took me a while to figure out but it also makes a difference is you are using something like Bag Balm or Rocksauce as a lubricant. After using bag balm all summer and Rocksauce at the beginning of the fall, I worked out a system of applying Rocksauce first and letting it absorb completely before using Bag Balm for scraping.

Rockball and stone scraper with Rocksauce Fire.

Rockball and stone scraper with Rocksauce Fire.

Spent a couple of hours with Courtney and then Conor and Matty shopping and birthday celebrating at Armadillo yesterday afternoon, big plans for the upcoming Spiderweb Salon show.

Today I sat down with my calendar to plan out the next couple of months of work/art/running and I always get anxious showing my wife the calendar because I pack things into 6 week chunks. January is pretty lean but February is going to be packed. Ben asked me to pace him at The Outlaw 100 in Oklahoma in February so now I’m running the Rocky 100K, pacing Ben, Cowtown Half and Tinajas 50K all in a few weeks! Gotta stay on top of everything.

Pork Shoulder

Pork Shoulder

Trying a new recipe for pork shoulder. Rather, invented a new recipe. Salt, pepper, smoked paprika, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, olive oil, ac vinegar and molasses. I’m roasting at 275F for probably 8-10 hrs.


Update: only ran 16.3 so I had time to go home and deal with my angry IT band and right hamstring. Time to get in and see Denton Sports Chiropractic! I’ve been running on a tight hammy since October and haven’t rolled, scraped or stretched enough.

Up this morning at 5 for a run at 7:30, gonna go for 37km rather that 37 miles. I’ve got a 100km race at the end of the month that I’m preparing for and spent most of this winter break stacking longer runs. Tuesday a group of 15 set out for 20.19 miles to celebrate New Year’s Day and today will be another 20+ mile day to round things out.

Yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated by reading all day and making a cake while I took care of the kids and my wife was working from home. My son convinced me to play with him on the Nintendo Switch that we bought the kids for Christmas this year. He created a profile for me, even though I never play, and had already played through most of the game before he asked for help. I also took him for a haircut and we spent most of the day hanging out.


Here I am on the afternoon of the eve of my 37th birthday and considering running 37 miles tomorrow simply because I can. To say that I have an obsessive personality is accurate. I tend to fill my plate with as many things as I can and hope that I can make everything happen in the time that I have allotted for it. September through December 2018 were probably the busiest that I have allowed myself to get in recent memory, taking on a side job timing races, directing/producing a musical at work, working with Spiderweb Salon, creating and choreographing and performing in a puppet theatre piece for Cirque du Horror and getting in shape for running my first successful 50 miler attempt on top of co-directing and timing two races and preparing for a third all while keeping my children and wife and dogs mostly happy. Easy, right? All of these things are byproducts of how I define myself (educator, artist, athlete) but piled up together, it looks and sounds like a lot.

One of the byproducts of being so busy, strangely, is that I have been isolating a lot. Last summer I found myself in a pretty deep hole from a mental health perspective and struggled to get my shit together before I started another year teaching. I didn’t really talk to anyone in my life about what was going on and relied on a therapist to talk me through the bulk of the stuff that had finally made it back to the surface. I have a history of mental illness in my family and so I wasn’t really surprised that I had to deal with it, just not what I expected. My wife helped me put my head back on straight and we built out an office space for me in the garage so that I had a space where I could work and create and be messy and loud, and while I feel like I started the fall semester in the best mental space that I had in a long time, I let my outlets get away from me. I stopped making time to write, I didn’t pick up my guitar like I do most summers, I didn’t start singing again and I felt like I was tapped out, nothing left in the tank that anyone would want to read, hear or even waste time on.

Negative self talk is something that I counsel my students against but I have a habit of not listening to my own advice. So here is an effort to get things moving in the right direction.